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      • Aussie Pokies Trends 2020

      • The Pokies online gaming casino is famous in Australia for free games. There is no signing up to enjoy the free online Aussie pokies. You are expected to take responsibility for yourself since no one knows your age.

        COVID-19 has played an important role in increasing the number of people signing up for online gaming.

        However, it is not only the free online casinos that are thriving. Тhere is slow or no supply of gaming hardware services. Most of the companies are closed down, causing a shortage in such services. In the long run, online casinos may be overwhelmed by the numbers.

        Gaming is growing with the rapid introduction of gaming on mobile phones and cloud-based platforms. With such developments, the gaming industry may partner with other entertainment sections. Players will have different interests in the gaming world. The online casinos are already making huge profits. The pandemic has opened new perspectives for progress and profits in the industry.

        Types of Online Aussie Pokies

        Aussie Pokies Trends 2020

        There are different types of Aussie pokies when you are playing online. Each type has its features. The pokies include:

        3-Reel Pokies

        This type of pokies has 3-reel slot games. It has been there before the invention of video technology. 3-reel pokies has no gambling features or bonus games. It has a small jackpot, but it is popular among players who like simplicity.

        5-Reel pokies

        This is the most popular Aussie pokies online free. It offers 5 reels with advanced graphics. You can specify the number of paylines you want. You can have high-stake bets with a chance to win a jackpot. There are many other exciting gambling features.

        Progressive Jackpot Pokies

        This is a type of pokies where the winning jackpot grows when you play for real cash. Part of the cash you pay per spin is set aside for the jackpot.

        Mega Spin pokies

        You can play several games at a go with the mega spin pokies. If you play this type of pokies, you increase your chances of winning.

        3D slots

        There are two different types of 3D pokies. The first is animated 3D pokies with superior graphics that make your gaming experience exciting. The other one is stereoscopic 3D pokies, which require you to wear 3D glasses.

        Free Online Aussie Pokies vs. Real Money Pokies

        Free Play Pokies

        Aussie Pokies online Free play is meant for fun. When you play, there is no money required to wager. Before you start playing, you are given some coins in your bank. You can play Aussie pokies online free from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. There is a leader board to show you the winners. You can take part in competitions during the day.

        Real money pokies

        The real money pokies are different from free pokies. The free play is also different from Aussie pokies free spins. With real money pokies, you have a chance to win huge cash prizes and massive jackpots. As opposed to the free pokies, real money pokies are for adults only. For you to play, you must make a deposit. You can play to increase your cash or lose it all.