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      • Bitcoin Games: A Guide to Play

      • Bitcoin casino games are a more secure version of the regular online pokies. Overall, they share many similarities from the slot machines to the gameplay, with the only difference being in banking.

        When playing bitcoin games online, you’re required to play with Bitcoin currency (BTC) instead of real money. And aside from being one of the safest and most secure ways to play online, it also presents an opportunity to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

        Even with the high degree of safety guaranteed by bitcoin games, you still want to ensure that you choose a well-known and reliable casino. That’s because, with cryptocurrencies, the transacting parties’ identities usually remain entirely anonymous. Therefore, you should be extremely careful not to fall for the trap of unknown casinos that may turn out to be con-artists.

        In this guide, you’ll learn the gameplay of free bitcoin games, how to earn real money by playing bitcoin games, and the top bitcoin earning games available. Ready? Let’s kick it!

        Playing games with bitcoin is not as challenging as it may seem. The first step, of course, is registering at a credible online casino that offers bitcoin games. And the good news is, you don’t have to disclose personal information as you would when signing up in a regular casino. The only information required is your nickname, email address, and password.

        After registering and transferring funds to your account from your bitcoin wallet, you’re set to play games for bitcoin. You can choose to play video poker, Blackjack, Roulette, lotteries, and many more options (details below).

        The Gameplay of the Free Bitcoin Games

        Software is the engine that runs the gameplay of free bitcoin gambling games. Renowned bitcoin casinos with a rich customer-base tend to run their own gaming software as they can afford it. But for small market entrants, that are still trying to ground their roots into this highly competitive industry, they prefer renting or purchasing customized software from providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Pragmatic Play.

        In essence, the software operates the free bitcoin games with little human involvement. For games requiring multiple players like the table games, the software assumes the role of a table dealer and moderates the game.

        The only challenge that bitcoin casinos face is convincing the players that the software is as fair and unbiased as a human dealer would be. So even go to the extent of explaining to players how the software algorithms work, just to clear any doubts of unfairness.

        How to Earn Real Money by Playing Bitcoin Games

        Casinos are always about having fun and entertainment. But did you know you can also earn bitcoin playing games? How? Find out below.

        Let’s be honest; playing casino games is all about chances. There are times you’ll have a winning streak, but in some other times, you’ll be in a losing drought. The difference between experienced and regular gamblers is that the latter knows how to maximize the winning chances.

        Here are some secrets to earning real money by playing games bitcoin :

        • Master the rules – Regardless of how conversant you are with casino games, never start playing before heading to the game’s title page and knowing the gameplay, payouts, house edge, etc. Reading the rules reduces your chances of making wrong decisions, which might cause losses.
        • Formulate a strategy – How much should you wager? What should you do when you go without a win for specific rounds? These are some questions, they may take time, and it’s worth it if you want to minimize the losses.
        • Practice on the demo version – Most casinos have a demo version where you can practice bitcoin games free of charge – leverage this opportunity to acquaint yourself with the gameplay and test your strategy without losing your stake.

        Variety of Bitcoin Earning Games

        Australian gaming enthusiasts are lucky to enjoy a diversified list of games for bitcoin produced and developed by industry experts like NetEnt and Microgaming. You can never get bored playing bitcoin earning games.

        Here’s an exhaustive list of bitcoin games for android or iOS compatible devices:

        • Video poker
        • Roulette
        • Blackjack
        • Table games
        • Live table games
        • Slots
        • Lottery
        • Scratch cards
        • Craps
        • Dice
        • Bingo
        • Rummy
        • Baccarat
        • Keno
        • Esports